Solar Power For Homes – Learn How to Make Your Home Environmentally Friendly
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Using solar power for homes seems as though it would be an inexpensive and safe way to go. There are several pros and cons when one considers using solar power. This article will cover the basic information that you need to know about residential solar power.

When the word “Solar Power” is heard, people today think of solar cell panels. Although the first solar power cell was made with gold and selenium, it was much more inefficient than the silicon solar power cells of today.

Solar cells are made of two layers (a positive side and a negative side), when they are placed on top of each other they create an electric field, the same way a magnet does. However, the cost of installing these solar panels to heat your home is very expensive, in that it is not just the cost of the panels but there has to be other components purchased in order to make a solar powered home work. When you consider the parts such as, inverters, controls, safety devices, timers, wires, cables, switches, relays, and connectors that have to make the over all product work. Using solar power for homes is very different from powering a calculator or a wrist watch. In conclusion, the implementation of solar power for homes offers both advantages and challenges, check this resources for more insights.

If you live in an area that has trouble with power outages or blackouts then it is normal to look toward solar power for an alternate means of electricity. This would make the high cost of the installation of solar power for homes worthwhile, since the energy that is saved from the solar panels will pay for themselves after a few years.

Solar Power For HomeUsing such green energy from the sun, means that it is a clean and renewable energy source. There are many solar powered items on the market that can also help in your endeavor to change to solar power, items such as, solar lamps, water heaters, lanterns, and security lights. DIY solar panel are used mostly for heating water, and consists of a flat structure with copper tubes which allow water to flow through, and an aluminum plate under a thin glass reflects sunlight and absorbs the energy produced by the sun. Like a large magnifying glass, when held a distance from the sun and a specific source will create a fire, the glass and the aluminum cause heat to pass through the copper tubes and heats the water, thus the larger the DIY panel the more volume of water you will have.

Today you can even buy an air conditioner that is powered by solar cells during sunny days and at night you can run it from the backup batteries, which are recharged the next day.

The development of solar technology has now discovered ways to use the infrared rays of the sun’s energy, so that now it doesn’t even have to be a sunny day to activate the solar power for homes. With a little more development we will son be able to use over 30% more power from the infrared rays, which is a tremendous boost from the 6% that we now use.

The decision to go all or even partial solar power for your home is one that only you and your family can answer. Yes it is expensive to be installed but the money you will save in the long run is really worth transferring to solar power for homes.

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