Solar Power For Home – Build Your Own Solar Power Panels
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Nowadays many home owners are in search of alternate power source for their home. This is because of increasing electricity shortage, to reduce power and utility bills and make our earth pollution free. When searching for alternate power source, one has to consider the renewable source of energy like solar power. This could also be a wise decision to power your home with solar panels.

Solar power for home has many benefits for its owners. Though it is little expensive, it is a one time investment that’s going to serve you for years free of cost. Solar energy is a never ending power source in other words it is an unlimited power source for your home.

Solar power for home can be generated with the help of solar power panels. There are different types of home solar panels that one can install at home.

– Polycrystalline Solar Panels – The home solar panels that are made out of polycrystalline cells are the cheapest and the most common type of solar panel used at home. Polycrystalline panels are composed of many crystallites of different size and orientation, are mostly available in blue color. The polycrystalline cells are cut into square shapes as they give the best power production for your home. The polycrystalline cells pick up the radiation from the sun from various angles and give fantastic results even in high temperatures.

– Amorphous Solar panels – The other option of solar power panels for home available in the market are the amorphous solar panels that are made from non crystalline cells and are in blue color. These panels are the most flexible ones and their wiring enhances their performance in shaded conditions.

– Monocrystalline Solar panels – The final option of home power solar panels is the monocrystalline solar panels that are of a rigid construction and they do not fill up the entire panel area. These panels are black in color. They are able to radiate the sun rays only when they are aimed correctly towards the side of the sun. They are very durable in nature but perform lesser than the polycrystalline panels in excessive heat.

In order to make the most out of your solar power panel you have to remember some points in mind during its installation.

Solar Power For HomeThe home solar panels need to be positioned and places in the right manner in order to be effective. The best direction to place a home solar panel would be on a roof that is south-facing as it would get the maximum amount of sunlight all round the year.

A roof that is tilted between 40 and 60 degrees is the right medium to guarantee getting most of the sun rays. This can be useful when you are constructing a new house, you can have your roof made in such a way that you could benefit the most from your solar power panel for home. Having a tilt in the roof can keep the panels away from dust and snow throughout the year. Choose the home solar panels based on the amount of electricity that you need for your home. These panels come in different sizes that are available to take care of different types of electricity needs for you home. Solar power for home could be the ultimate solution to power up your home.

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