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    Versatile&Powerful Outputs: 2*110V/120V AC outlets (250W/0.4Hp Pure Sine Wave), 4*DC outlets, 4*USB Charging ports,a solar/car input charging port,1 LED lights indicator. High efficiency, high frequency, stable technology, suitable for all kinds of load.
    High Capacity: Large capacity 12V 18Ah 200Wh lithium rechargeable battery,powerful enough to charge smartphones 20+ times, tablet, power bank, laptops, TVs, fans, mini fridges,scoorter and other small household electronics (AC output).【Please make sure all of your device less than 250W/0.4Hp】
    Rechargeable Lithium Battery Backup: Easily recharged from wall AC outlet(include),12V Car cigarette and 40W-100W(Max 120W with solar charge controller) solar panel (sold separately),electric or solar powered generator,flue-free,no gasoline required.

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    POWERFUL AC, USB and 12V OUTPUTS: Whether you’re looking to keep tablets, iPhone, iPad, laptops, fans and TV charged up, or running lights and CPAP machine (*Use DC-DC converter from your CPAP would get longer hours), the Paxcess portable power station features a variety of outputs, including 3* 12V DC port(max 180W,with an extra cigarette socket cable) / 2* 110V AC outlet inverter(modified sine wave, max 100W) / 2* USB 5V port, to ensure you have the power you need at any time.
    EASILY RECHARGEABLE VIA SUN, WALL AND CAR: 1)The ac generator can be recharged by connecting to compatible solar panel (SOLD SEPARATELY) with MC4 connector. Like: RENOGY 100-watt (Search: B009Z6CW7O) and ALLPOWERS 50-Watt (Search: B013DZWDI0) Solar Panel. 2) The battery bank can be fully charged in 8 hours by being plugged into wall outlet. 3) The battery generator can also be charged by plugging into your car 12V adapter.(Car charger included)
    HIGH CAPACITY LIGHTWEIGHT LITHIUM POWER PACK: 150WH(3.7V 40800mAh/12V 12800mAh) lithium batteries only weights 3.3lb, possibly the smallest size power supply on the market. This silent and gas-free solar generator is handy to be put on your RV, camper and perfect for emergencies, camping or wherever you need power; The upgraded LED display features DC/AC/UPS output and input meter.(LED screen is covered with protective film, please remove it before using)

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    40800mAh 150Wh Battery
    Including UPS function. AC output: 100W(Peak 200W)
    Weight: 3.3 lb. Size: 6.5″x3.2″x6.7″

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    Portable rechargeable power supply and UPS 2 IN 1 ! The best ideal contingency companion either indoor or outdoor. It features: 500W UPS, 3 120V AC outlets, 4 USB charging ports up to 6.2A, 4 12V DC power ports up to 10A, 12V 26Ah / 288WH lithium rechargeable battery, Power Source with 4 USB, 4x12V DC and 3x110V AC Outlets,a solar / car input charging port. Intelligent CPU control mode, switch control for each output, LED display for battery power
    You need a long time standby AC/DC power supply for your outdoor activities. With large capacity of 12V 26Ah / 288WH rechargeable lithium battery, it lets you easily reach the AC power, DC power everywhere anytime for your kinds of device. And the LED light can be used as a torch outdoor. You can keep it outdoors in the range of temperature from -10 Celsius to 40 Celsius
    For indoor use as an on line UPS, it provides battery backup and surge protection for desktop computers,workstations,networking devices and home entertainment systems. Safeguards valuable documents, photos, videos, and music files from loss or damage due to power fluctuations and surges as well as uncontrolled equipment shutdown caused by power interruptions

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    Multipurpose: This power generator with 2 AC outlet, 2 USB port, 3 DC port and an extra cigarette lighter socket, is capable of meeting different kinds of electricity demands and can be used almost everywhere, eg. outdoor usage for picnics, camping and car travel.
    HIGH CAPACITY: With 40,800 mAh high battery capacity. This power generator is powerful enough to charge smartphones, lamp, laptops, tablet, TVs, mini-refrigerator or other.
    ULTRA BRIGHT LED LIGHT PANEL: The advance LED display that shows insightful information about the control of the unit, power consumption status, etc. Built in an ultra-bright LED light panel. It’s designed for room, camp, outdoor illumination and warning light as well.

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    1000 Watt continuous pure sine power
    3000 watt peak power for 20s
    Built in 35A smart battery charger with 7 selectable battery type settings

  • 5000W max continuous modified sine power ; High input voltage protection: 15V-17Volts ; Low input voltage shutdown: 10Volts
    Volt meter on front panel to monitor your battery voltage
    Amp meter on front panel to monitor your current consumption. Quadruple ac receptacle

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    180 Watt max continuous pure sine power
    Compact and lightweight design with THERMAL fan and USB port
    Convenient cigarette plug and alligator clip cable

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    ATS Function: a. when switch to ATS function, then: for 24v system, your bty voltage when 21.5v, will auto switch to ATS mode, means inverter will auto switch the home power to provide the 110v AC output & charge your bty at the same time. After charge your bty to 28v,will be back to inverter mode.(PS.AC input cable need plug in all the time)
    ATS Function: b.if you are using solar system, then you need stay at ATS function , because in the day time, all the power come from solar, after night time or bty under 21.5V, will auto switch to home power, will let your electric products keep working, until day the sun come on again, then will be back to inverter mode again.
    UPS function: If you switch to UPS function, when you plug ac power cord, then the power will come from your home power source, no matter load or charge your bty. In this moment, will not spend your bty bank power.

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    MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: 3* 12V DC port(total limited to 180W,with a extra cigarette socket cable) / 2* 110V AC outlet(modified sine wave,total limited to 100W) / 2* USB port / 1 Emergency Light, capable of powering lamps,phones,laptops,TVs,printers,fans,car pumps,toast maker,coffee machine and even mini fridges.
    3 WAY FOR EASY RECHARGING: 1)By 15-20V under 100W compatible solar panel,we new added a solar panel connector adapter cable “MC4 to DC3.5-1.35mm” into the package, Search asin: B06Y3SR2BS in our store if you need a extra one, For Solar panel ,you can also refer to the following description details of suggestion. 2)By wall charger(included). 3)By 12V car charger(included). Please note: It’s take ~7 hours for full charge by wall charger, but maybe take 2-5days by solar panel.
    HIGH CAPACITY WITH SUPER SMALL SIZE: 40800mAh(150Wh) Grade A lithium polymer battery,with only 1.5Kg net weight(1.9Kg gross weight which including all the accessories) and size of 175*165*80mm.

  • Brand New IP65 waterproof model.Pure Sine Wave Output, reverse your power meter cut your bill.
    Work with the solar system, built-in high-performance Maximum Power Point Tracking(MPPT)function,more efficiency.
    Unique circuit design, higher efficiency, more stable.High-frequency isolation transformer, high security

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    Energizer Ultra-Silent 100 Watt Continuous DC to AC Power Inverter
    Copper heat sink enables us to build a fanless 100 watt inverter with a high peak rating of 200 watts
    12 Volt Direct Cigarette Lighter Connection with Rotating Head