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The book “The Truth About Solar Panels:The Book That Solar Manufacturers, Vendors, Installers And DIY Scammers Don’t Want You To Read” has been created as an answer to widely spread misleading, rehashed or low quality information about solar panels written by some unqualified authors.


Unfortunately such questionable information is flooding not only the internet but also the other powerful media and digital platforms.
The authors of this book hold master degree in engineering.
Their experience helps them to present the complex world of solar energy in a manner that is both practical and easy understood by a broad audience
The book is an honest revelation about solar panels described beyond the hype and beyond the stigma. 
If you are going to invest in solar panel system or to upgrade already installed one this revelation is also about your money
Buying, building or installing a solar electric (photovoltaic, PV) system for your home, business, vehicle or boat is a complex project, and there are a lot of different issues involved. 
Whether you plan to do it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you, you will need to know the correct terminology to use to research, design, purchase and communicate about it. 
It must be emphasized that the right choice of the solar panel is about 80% responsible for the overall performance of your solar power system.
Get it wrong and you’ll lose a lot of money and get many headaches in years to come. 
The book “The Truth About Solar Panels” could save you a lot of money and headaches for years to come, since it: 
  • Gives you actionable and practical information about different types of solar panels, their pros, cons, risks, characteristics and warranties. 
  • Honestly compares and reveals advantages and disadvantages of brand new, second hand and do-it-yourself solar panels in a unique manner. 

Furthermore this book will help you:

  •  Choose the best solar panel in terms of price performance suitable for your solar project
  • Immediately spot the “unfair” marketing tricks used to sell you an overpriced underperforming solar panel of questionable warranty 
  • Judge the quality of solar quotes and filter out the disadvantageous ones. 

In fact most solar panel manufacturers, vendors and installers take the advantage of the seeming complexity of solar parameters to market you an inferior solar panel in a better light and higher price, while at the same time being in line with the customer law for consumer rights.

 This book is for anyone who seeks certain step-by-step practical information about solar panels, their performance and proper selection:
  • homeowners
  • do-it-yourself solar enthusiasts
  • lovers of recreational vehicles, campers, boats and other outdoor activities
  • survivalists
  • potential investors in solar power
  • business owners interested in solar power
  • students
  • teachers
  • people interested in becoming solar installers
  • people working in the sales and marketing area of solar power and green energy industry 
  • many others keen in solar power and renewable energy. 

 If you are a customer, the book gives all actionable information to seek the answer of the all important and sensitive to solar installer, vendors questions. 

If you are from solar seller side, this book helps you get prepared to answer those tricky questions.
You can use this guide: 
  • As a reference while you are planning your PV system
  • When you are surfing the web pricing solar panels 
  • When you are talking with solar vendors and installers. 

Get the book “The Truth About Solar Panels” now and start your solar project today!